Friday, March 30, 2007

secretive and 3's

I've been working on new designs and feel like I can't reveal them until they are ready but would still like to share a bit while I am in the middle of this process. So here are 3 three's from me!

3 potter's I admire
Diana Fayt
Karin Eriksson
Ayumi Horie

3 food I like to eat
homemade fruit smoothies
veggie lasagne

3 bands/ musicians I like and have been listening to alot this week
The Shins
The White Stripes
Lily Allen

The new designs are coming along, I've been busy making/ filling orders so things are taking a bit longer then I originally wanted. Also, working all the time has me a bit run down so I'm working on a schedule : ) I need to be a better boss to myself and maybe find an assistant. Marley our 6 month old beagle doesn't seem ready to step up to the task so if you are in the Philly area and would like to learn a bit about running a small ceramic biz and help with some glazing and packing orders and like the same music, you might just be my gal!!

Happy Friday to all!


amy h said...

Like the music: check. Eager to learn: check. In Philly: NOPE, not even close. Aw.

Mary Preiser Potts said...

If I move to Philly and assist you, will you make veggie lasagne and homemade fruit smoothies for me? Keep on truckin'!
xo, Mary

one black bird said...

wow i didn't know! i am honored. congratulations on the article!