Sunday, April 22, 2007

thank you's & venuszine!!!

Thank you to everyone who watched me on That's Clever Friday afternoon and sent the nice e-mails : ) It's been such a great month for press of all kinds and I have one more to share that just came out.

VenusZine has posted an interview with me by amazing writer/interviewer Sheba White. I hope you'll read it because I am so happy with this piece. We chatted on the phone about a month ago and this article is the result. Sheba was so nice and had such good questions that kept the interview flowing, we talked about me and Little Flower Designs and a bit about the DIY craft scene and how different it is from the traditional craft scene (which isn't really a scene its more or less just craft shows with no music or other scene making stuff to be a scene) Anyhow, its very well writen, here's the link:

Happy Beautiful Sunday : )

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