Friday, April 27, 2007


Spring is here in a spotty sort of way and now that I'm spending so much time on the patio, my outside studio, we put up a prettier fence! Well, Steve did it to keep Marley in the yard and because we don't like watching the neighbor boys on their trampoline! The yard will be nicer as things start to grow, right now it is cleaned up and waiting for some sun to dry up all this rain. April showers...

This week I resigned from teaching at the local art center, it was too much right now and getting in the way of growing little flower. I'll miss the students who were just the most amazing people but feel more relaxed about how to go about my weeks. I wanted to give teaching a try this year to see if I like it and I do! But, now can check it off my list. When I left my old job back in November I decided that now is a time to try all the things that I always wanted to do but couldn't. So now, with all the new designs I'm creating I can really focus on growing my biz and my line. The summer shows are coming up so quickly and I want to have a strong showing. So far I know I will be doing the Art Star Craft Bazaar and Renegade Brooklyn. I might add 2 more shows and all are in June! June will be a month of craziness with all the set-up and packing up of my portable store.

Now for my 3 - 3's!!

3 booth's I must visit at Renegade
  1. Lotta Jansdotter
  2. SuperMaggie
  3. Jen Corace

3 things I must do today even if means not sleeping tonite!

  1. finish glazing
  2. fire the kiln
  3. make molds for my new side project, I can't wait to share this and I'm still a good 2 weeks away from my reveal

3 subjects on my mind

  1. color - what do i really like and what is influencing my choices
  2. bringing new subjects to little flower because life is more than flowers and birds
  3. is tv really "evil"

That's all for my weekly post : ) I'm pondering a sale of some sort for Mother's Day so stay tuned! Happy Friday, sing to your dog! It makes them happy.

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