Friday, January 12, 2007


I've been tending to batches of pots like this all week. It's pretty grey in the studio right now with only little spots of color here and there. Today will be all about color, I am finally done making all my test pieces out of the new clays. Hopefully by sunday, maybe monday I will have a winner! My current clay is still in the running, I changed the way I am handling it and that helped a bit. One of the new clays is a dream to work with so if my glazes like it too, a switch will be made. I am feeling good about getting my orders out next week, and hopefully this switch will allow me to move forward at a quicker pace, which means Little Flower goodness for all in a very timely manner.
Some fun news! Yesterday the lovely Megan from Art Star called to ask me to send a teacup up to Bust Magazine for photographing! I believe it will be in the April/May issue. Pretty exciting! Its great to get calls like that, I also received a pdf file of a feature in a Dutch magazine called NewStyle - I will post that later, I need to updoad it. I have a few other press things coming up that I will share as they come out.
Happy Friday to all, I better get to glazing! And something fun, Miss K is coming to hang and have dinner tonite : )


amy h said...

I hope the clay that was good to work with takes the glaze well. Congrats on the press!

Little Flower Designs said...

thanks! the new clay is really looking alot closer to what i want. my current clay is nice but sometimes i hit spots in it that don't seem to be mixed as well. then there are the cracks, which i thought i had solved a long time ago... it's quite humbling!