Monday, January 15, 2007

relying on me

It is a stand still in the studio right now . The kiln is on and I am waiting on the results of all my test pieces for the new clay. I gave my current clay a pep talk in the hopes that it will toughen up. Its such a sensitive clay, I might just do a switch for winter then back to my good old buddy the rest of the year. Today when I was glazing I felt a loyalty to my current clay. I have done so much with it over the years that I am a bit apprehensive to make the change. I liked one of the clays quite a bit but after the bisque firing it came out a bit pinkish. We'll see what it looks like after the final firing. I might build a damp closet to dry my work. The more I read about problems when drying clay, the more I think I should stick it out and solve the issue. I have the cracking down to about 7%. The cracking only occurs when I am drying out my pots - that is why I have such a long lead time on some items. It takes forever to dry everything out. When I try to push it and make things happen quicker then they want to, I get this problem. So, where is the inspiration in this? I find it very inspiring to work through this problem. It is rewarding when I figure things out on my own. I am the only one who knows the conditions I work in so, its 100% up to me.

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