Tuesday, January 9, 2007

felt and i better get moving

One of my livejournal friends just posted about a book she has coming out and it looks awesome! The book is called: Felted Jewelry: 20 Stylish Designs and the cover is beautiful and oh so inspiring! I am pre-ordering it, I love felt and have a little merino wool somewhere in my crafty stash.

I am glad I sat down to read a few blogs this evening, its just what I needed to get myself moving again. Today has been a challenge, I want to let my pots dry slowly but, I have orders to fill. Ceramics can be a challenge at times, just when you think you can close your eyes and make a zillion pots without any troubles, trouble comes in the form of a crack. No worries though, after the current orders are shipped, I will have time to switch clay bodies. I'm pretty excited to do this and have been wanting to since the summer. No one will notice but me, I just need to use a less sensitive clay. My current clay is a joy to work with on most days, its just not magical. Years ago when I was learning to throw, I came across a white stoneware clay body that had the magic, time passed and I forgot which clay exactly it was. I know the manufacturer and I think I have it narrowed down, so now I just need to test. So, tomorrow will be a very focused studio day, filled with glazing, throwing and dreaming.

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