Sunday, January 21, 2007

sunday plates

Since I am nearly out of clay (more will be picked up tomorrow) I decided to start on a new form, plates! I used to love making plates and haven't made them in awhile. Customers always ask so, I have done some custom plates but, the new plates will be for the website. I'd like to expand on the designs I already have and as I introduce the new designs, I'd like to make them available as place settings. Plate, side plate, bowl. Offered a al carte! So today I fiddled around with a few plates to test it out and see. I didn't snap pics yet but, its going very well : ) I started with my Just Friends pattern so I'll have samples available next week - this is the most requested with my Dahlia pattern at a close second. The way orders are shaping up, this week will be one of vase making and a few sushi sets. Then plates! pictures to come...
Have a beautiful Sunday evening.

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