Monday, January 22, 2007

good monday

It's been a very good monday. Production is in full swing in the studio, all items should be in stock and ready to ship by February 1st. Tea cups are everywhere and now the plates are starting to really amount to something! I am nearly finished two larger orders and feel a bit of creative freedom coming on. I will be posting a few new bowls to the shop in the next few days, they are from my current designs and never made it on the site. I am trying for a mid-February site update with a few new designs and rounding out the offerings for the current ones. I've really settled into a good rotation in the studio so that I am constantly doing something different. Throwing, trimming, carving, glazing... the holidays were a frenzy of making and shipping with very little time for thought, this year I hope it will be different, a little frenzy is ok, but not the kind where I can't sleep!

I've been thinking alot about Louise Bourgeois, she is one of my favorite women artists. She is 95 years old and I believe she is still making art. She is such an inspiration, both her sculptures and drawings have been subjects I revisit over and over. There is something about her work that just draws me in. I am also in awe of her life, to be so motivated and such a force in the art scene, ahhh, someday!

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