Friday, January 26, 2007

indieshopping & friends

Welcome to everyone who found their way here from indieshopping! And Thank You to Annissa for featuring me! What a nice way to start a Friday! For those who would like to read the interview - here's the link. And be sure to check out the entire indieshopping site for interviews with other designers and the best of independent design.

Studio News! Good things are coming! The kiln is on now, started late last nite & tended to all through the nite. So being the very sleepy girl that I am, today will be a day to clean up and get ready to unload the kiln, glaze and final fire. Be sure to check back here, I think by Tuesday I will be ready to reveal my newest design and show off my newest form - dinner plates! As with all of my work it is hand carved and these plates, while lovely for everyday use, will also spruce up your walls. Today is Steve's birthday so this evening, at his request, we will have a quiet celebration. We have to get up early tomorrow, hopefully more on that very soon!

My Friends! They are such an inspiration to me, not only are they great people, they do some amazing things. My dear friends Sue and Tom, packed up everything last month to move from our little corner of Pennsylvania to their new home in the middle of New York state! Although I miss them, I couldn't be more happy for them!! They are both very talented and have recently launched their own websites! Tom is an avid collector and gatherer, his site RetroEclectica suits him perfectly! Make sure to visit often as he is just getting started and has some really cool and hard to find stuff! Sue is an amazing quilt and art doll creator. Sue was the best sewer in high school and all these years later she is still sewing up a storm(ok, we're not that old but, we're not fresh out of school either!). Her new website MishMoshArt is filled with her creations, two of which are pictured below. I'm a huge fan of everything she makes and can't wait to see what she comes up with next. Her feel for combining materials is truly unique. Take a close look, her work is quite intricate with beaded details.

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