Thursday, January 18, 2007

an early late start

Heading off to the studio in a few minutes to get to work. I've been up for hours, having gone to the local y on my friends guest pass. We walked the treadmills and then she had to run off to work so I took a toning class! My very first of that sort and it was kindof aerobic too. I kept up, its always surprizing to me when I do things like this because really I'm a yoga girl. I enjoy walking and hiking and some random dancing but nothing too organized. Now I'm home and ready to get to work! Coffee pot on, heat on, music on... I just hope my arms hold up! So, today will be the very first day that I can put one of my new designs into clay, it will be a mix of my current designs on new forms and new, new, new!!! This AM my inspiration is "new" newness to come for the Little Flower site and newness to motivate me : )

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ao said...

I just checked out your website, your work is beautiful! Love it!