Sunday, January 7, 2007

studio sky

This is the sky I see from my studio. If you look close you can see a squirrel nest. There are 2 elements in this picture I find inspiring, the first is the fact that the squirrels can live in such a way, when the storm winds blow that nest is the first thing I look for. This is a huge tree and it is frightening to see it blow around. I hide inside and try to stay away from the windows but, the branches swirling in the wind are just too amazing to not watch. If I could, I would somehow protect those squirrels, I know they live in nature and that they are ok and maybe they take shelter somewhere else when the wind gets too strong but, I still want to take them in. Their strength is an inspiration. The second element is something I look for in all things, the line. I often look at objects and think about how I would draw them, how would I draw this tree and capture all the branches with dimension. How could I put that on a vase or platter? Photo image transfer? no, I have to draw it, carve it, capture it with my own hand. I have plans for this tree and it is one of my favorite things about my house. Living in the suburbs can be inspiring, you just have to open your eyes and find the beauty. One of the things I hope will come across in my work someday is my environment, I'm not a city or country girl. I'm 100% suburban.

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