Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just us girls in the studio!

Wow, it's been awhile! We're progressing slowly here, the new work is coming, designs are flowing from my pen like mad. Some are even making it into the clay. Just slowly. Baby lady is not one for napping, at least not in the conventional baby sleep pattern sort of way. Everyone reassures me that the day will come. I'm hoping for a nice 2 hours afternoon nap, we have afternoon sleepiness, lots of nursing to avoid the dreaded "laying down" but no official nap. I do take the little miss into the studio(pictured), she will last about an hour if I switch her between the baby swing and her pack and play. (in case anyone is in my situation) I sometimes do this a few times each day, we're up and down. On nice days we go outside. I did get her an exersaucer and she loves it but is still a bit small, but it's great to put her in and do a few chores.

Anyhow, back to little flowerness. I've mentioned that I'm changing things up a bit, no more custom pieces unless it is a BIG commission, it's just too time consuming. I am also limiting my line to select forms that I enjoy making. And thats shaping up to be a new bowl form, platters, vases and I'll keep making the cups since they seem to be my hot seller! I am also working out the kinks of a 2-d item I've been tinkering with forever. Other than that it's been so nice to have all this time with Mazzy. I've slowed down my life to a reasonable pace, I even sleep now! In addition to making new wares, I'm also trying to keep this new pace a priority, previously I was on the road to total burnout, I loved it but that really wasn't the best way to live. And I'm sure some of you know what I mean!
I am hoping to reopen my etsy shop in the upcoming weeks, I have 2 things in mind, the first a sale of pre-baby items and of course the launch of new items!!!!
Hope you are all well!
xo, Linda


rinebird said...

Your baby is precious, pretty too.I would walk her around on your shoulder when she gets for my grandchildren(two girls) and my son does this too...except the singing.You will find a way.

lisa {milkshake} said...

I'll bet it feels so good to be back in the studio! An hour is a long time for now. Don't worry - it'll get longer soon. She'll be taking those 2-hour naps and you'll have that time filled up with making!

Kristina said...

OK, total randomness...I first saw your work a few years ago at the first art star craft show (in the old location). I found my way onto the Art Star website today (which I haven't gone to in a long time) and saw you there and decided to see if you had your own site, landed on your blog and then thought...I KNOW that person....and that baby....Mazzy! I'm Stella's mom (from the movie theatre) and if I knew you were behind Little Flower I would have told you that I love your work!!