Wednesday, May 12, 2010

step one

I think every maker has an unstoppable hunger to create. I've been out of the studio for almost 4 months now, unless you count standing in my studio looking around thinking "how in the world can I make this work?" So here I am sitting in my studio blogging with my little lady in her pack and play. I'm calling this step one! I am beyond hungry! My previous approaches just didn't work, I was waiting for her to take a nap, only she naps randomly throughout the day. Yesterday she slept for 3 hours in her bouncy seat in the living room, I did use the time to do a ton of chores but didn't venture down to the studio because I didn't know how long that would last - a missed opportunity... I guess this is now more than just running my business (I miss having an income) it's more about the fact that I REALLY miss my studio (yes tears have been shed) On the other hand, I LOVE being a mama, I LOVE my daughter and when I think of somehow combining the two to fit into each day, well, it would be a dream come true. I also want to show her that while she comes first and I will drop everything for her, that mama is an artist and a business woman and trying to be an awesome role model. Right now Miss Mazzy is napping!!! Since today is day one to my new approach, I'm just fooling around and packing some items to send out. Anyhow, my new approach is to take her along on my regular everyday tasks. Today we started with some nursing and playing, then yoga and bathing, then eating (for me) a few house chores, then we walked Marley and now we're in the studio with the laundry going! We're also trying to make cloth diapers work for us, um messy! My next happy studio baby strategy is to get her an exersaucer, my thought is that if she doesn't want to sleep, she needs something to do and I think that in her 3+ months of life she might be getting tired of laying around. She really like to stand up and is even trying to take some steps when we hold her up. So move over slab roller, make way for the exersaucer! or something like that!
I'm off to pack orders and baby allowing, weigh out some clay (tomorrow I might try to make something!) Happy May 12th!


lisa {milkshake} said...

The exersaucer was one of the best baby purchases we made. They're so ugly, but so necessary. Malayna loved hers and would play in it for long periods of time.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Good luck in your various endeavors. I am sure you will find a way to make it work out for you. And let us know how those cloth diapers work out. My wife and I have been toying around with the idea of using them as well...not for us, mind you, for our future son.

monica said...

my son is 5 months and I'm having the same getting into the studio problems. He naps... sporadically and I'm never quite sure how long it will last. So i put around the house doing chores until I get an idea of what kind of nap Hunter will be taking. So many missed opportunities. Oh well.

As far as cloth diapers go, we switched to an all in one and an all in two when he was 3 months. (i couldn't handle it before then) The bum genius AIO organic and the 3.0 deluxe are amazing. The little G's with organic refills are also great. Very absorbent and easy to use. (even my husband can do it and he was opposed to the cloth)