Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today I'm rewinding a bit to report back about last week's shop live event and the Art Star Craft Bazaar. First off, the Shop Live event was so much fun. The all day sale seemed to be the way to go, as many orders were received through out the day. The actual event was quite popular, it was chat room style in the etsy virtual labs. I had trouble getting in but managed to see the last 5 minutes of Marichelle chatting up some of the goods for sale. Next time I'll click in earlier (I was throwing in the studio and stopped just in time, I thought!) Anyhow, the event was a super success for my sleepy etsy shop, over a hundred hearts and enough sales to make me smile all day long! Now onto the Art Star Craft Bazaar! The show was awesome as usual but something a little extra special happened, we had beautiful weather!!! My mister and Miss Marley both came along to help and keep me company. I had such a nice time seeing old friends and crafty pals. It means so much that you all came out to say hello and encourage me this crafty endeavor. The picture above is a table shot from Indie Fixx, Jen stopped by to say hello and included me in her review of the show! Thanks Jen!! I stole the picture because I haven't downloaded mine yet ; )
So now I'm in the studio working like a good little potter. I had 1500 pounds of clay delivered yesterday, my version of nesting in the studio! That is also the most clay I've had brought in at once. See! Signs of growth - it's amazing how much clay I go through. And thanks to the sweet delivery man who helped me bring it all the way into my basement wonderland!
Next up is a lovely local show on sunday.
Arts In The Park
and of course everyone is invited!
xoxo, Linda


lisa {milkshake} said...

Yay for you! I almost forgot I'll be seeing you on Sunday :) What's your booth number?

Little Flower Designs said...

I know! I'm 44 - hope we're near each other : )

Anonymous said...

sounds like the whole live thing was pretty wild and successful too.