Friday, May 1, 2009

fine, fine weekend

Today is the set-up day for the Fine Furnishings & Fine Craft Show in Baltimore. I'm slowly making my way to load up my wares and an insane amount of stuff to peddle my pots on saturday and sunday. It's dreary out, at least the sun won't be in my eyes on the way down!
If you are in the Baltimore area and would like to visit the show (and me!) the show is being held in the France Merrick Performing Arts Center in the downtown area not far from the inner harbor so, let me plan your saturday!
  • wake up early-ish
  • head to the Lexington Market for coffee and breakfasty things
  • stroll down the block to the Fine Furnishings Show to see finely crafted goods
  • linger at my booth to chat and maybe pick up a pot or 2 (mother's day is next week)
  • linger some more
  • head over to the inner harbor, maybe even the aquarium or that huge barnes & noble it's a rainy day, so bring your umbrella!
  • there's alot to do and see and you did alot of walking, why not relax! it's the weekend!

Wish me luck!
xoxo, Linda

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