Tuesday, May 19, 2009

eye on the calendar

I was just in the studio working away with the tv on and heard on the news that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I thought uh-oh! Art Star is THIS weekend, how did I get so mixed up, I'm not ready. Then I thought, slow down a minute and I looked at a calendar, again uh-oh. Although I was right about Art Star being next weekend, I've been telling people, lots of people it's Memorial Day weekend and being very careful to specify it's only on saturday and sunday. Uh-oh, I've been spreading lies. I'm so sorry, I've had alot going on and apparently it is affecting me more than I thought. So please, mark you calendar's correctly for another great year of Philly's greatest indie craft show, The Art Star Craft Bazaar!!!!! May 30 & 31.

And while I'm here baring my flaws, I recently broke 2 large platters at a show, part wind, part my poor display stand choice. So if you happen to be praying to the god of weather, please mention that Philly would like a nice calm beautiful weekend on May 30 & 31. I will also gladly accept tips on how to display plates and platters at outdoor shows!
Happy, whatever day it is!
xoxo, Linda

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