Wednesday, May 27, 2009

etsy, heart handmade, oh my!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!!!!
On thursday evening I will be participating in an etsy Shop Live event!!! Marichelle from Heart Handmade invited me to include a tea cup! Tune into etsy at 7pm EST on thursday to hear Marichelle introduce each item and announce the sale. It's all done live on the nets, so exciting!!
In honor of the event I will be holding an all day etsy sale tomorrow, you heard it here first! Click in tomorrow for the promo code : )
And for the Philly local crew, don't forget to come out for a beautiful weekend at Penn's Landing. Oh yes! It's time for the Art Star Craft Bazaar, more on that in friday : )


jimgottuso said...

sounds cool... i'd be interested to know how it goes

Patricia Griffin said...

Yeah! You've been busy. All great news. Hope the etsy Shop Live event goes well. Ditto for your sale and the Art Star Craft Bazaar

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Jim, I'll let you know : )

Thanks Patricia - me too! I'll post about everything, Shop Live sounds so exciting.

Happy Thursday!