Wednesday, April 1, 2009

don't be a fool - you know you want one!

The long awaited mug has made it's way onto my site. People ask if I make them, they question my preference for the handleless tea cup, they demand a larger size with a handle to fit their hand! So here you are! I have added mugs in 3 patterns to the site. The pictured cups are my newest pattern which I see as a his and hers - well for me and my mister it would be! I prefer my 12oz handleless cup, if it gets any bigger I can't drink it all before it cools off. My mister on the other hand prefers a handle he can really hold and a larger size.
You can view all of the cups here - tea cups & mugs.

I think this is part 3 of my spring site update - and there is still more to come! I am working out a pattern for buttercups and I have new vase forms that will be ready in time for Mother's Day and summer shows. So I'd better get to work!

But first, Thank you again to Handmade In PA for yesterday's feature and for the positive response.


Anonymous said...

beautiful little birds

Potterchik said...

It's funny what strong opinions people have about their mugs. It must be so big, it must have a handle you can get x-number of fingers into. That last always amuses me because, how heavy do they suppose 12 to 16 ounces of coffee is really going to be?
I love to play with and change up handles, and I love unexpected proportions. Good thing, too, because any mug I make that challenges expectations in the slightest is destined to be mine forever!

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

It is kind of funny, but I guess not entirely unexpected, how people shy away from forms or designs they are not already comfortable with. Personally, I prefer tea cup/bowl forms to mugs; they just look so much cleaner without a handle. But I do like having a handle to hold onto when I am using a cup.

Leah said...

Yes, a mug!!! My favorite is the one you made me for my birthday with the olive tree:-) but, coffee in a mug is best!

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi! Thanks for the comments, Potterchik - you are so right, I always wonder how quickly people drink their coffee/tea when they want a 20 oz. cup! I've put alot of thought into it ans think 12oz. is perfect for home, 16 might be good for the office if they have one of those fancy coffee machines where they can make 8 oz. cups at a time. I strive to just make what I feel is comfortable and once you try my handleless cups they usually become favorites : ) But handles are ok too!