Sunday, April 19, 2009

1 of a kind in may

After thinking about this for over a year, I've decided to offer one of a kind items in addition to my staple patterns. This is my soft launch! Above are 2 of the new one of a kind vases that will be available the first week of May. I will also be debuting them at the Fine Furnishings Show in Baltimore May 2nd & 3rd. with a web update beginning on the 4th. (Let me know if you'd like a free ticket to the show - I can mail you one!)
I am still plotting out the official launch but here is a little of the why.
I love to draw and truly think of the clay surface much like I do paper, as a clean place to illustrate an idea. I also love washy colors and watercolor which can not be duplicated unless I go the decal route. Decals are not for me for 2 reason's, 1. I do not like how they look and 2. they are toxic to fire and I can't figure out just how toxic they are! So my solution is to continue on with the integrity of my handmade, labor intensive wares because that's me and I feel good about the way I am working and feel that this is a direction I can really grow with/into.
Look out for more birds, flowers and maybe houses, I'm quite the shanty doodler these days!


[nancy + andy] said...

Hi Linda!
The OOAK direction is a good idea and it should make a lot of people happy this summer.
I'm a little confused as to why you would want to use decals. I don't think decals are a good way to duplicate a watercolor effect - maybe overglazes but I think underglazes achieve better watercolor results.
Also, all kiln firings are toxic and if you are concerned with lead, there are lead free overglazes available today. Burning off decal covercoat is less toxic than a bisque firing. As long as your kiln is vented you won't have a problem in your studio.
Good luck at the Fine Furnishing Show!

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the info : )
I meant that if I were to reproduce the exact image, I would maybe need a decal since the colors are so washy - I couldn't get the same results each time. I do know there is a level of toxicity from kiln fumes but try to use non-toxic materials and always lead free. I just couldn't find good info on why the decal firings were considered more toxic than other firings or what was in the waterslide paper that would make it toxic. Also, my kiln vents onto my patio so I would want to know more... I also addressed the decal thing because I am constantly asked why I don't use them. But I am playing with the idea of silk screening onto clay as a go around.

I also agree that the lead free underglazes are great for what I am doing, I'll have to post a pic of my homemade underglaze pallette!
If you know of a good source for decal info, please let me know as I still want to learn more about them.
Linda : )

Linda Starr said...

Those are beautiful.

jimgottuso said...

lovely vases... i'm all about the labor intensive too

shoshonasnow said...

I think it's funny that people wonder why you don't use decals. People always ask me why I don't slip cast everything. What fun is that? The making and the carving and the painting are ALL such important steps. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you've been working on!

[nancy + andy] said...

Hey Linda!

Rather than leave you my standard response to "how do you make decals?", I'll be sending you an email instead :)

And I don't know...People ask us why we don't teach, and my usual response is that I have no patience for people, period (Andy is a different story though, I should point that out).
Teaching is so different from making and selling your work...You're partially responsible for planting seeds in people's heads and biases come out...Anyway, I digress.

As artisans, to be able to make a living at what you do but to keep it interesting for yourself as well as your audience is so important! I like that we all work within our means and with what we're all capable of doing -
And if people would just take the time to learn more about all the different processes rather than make blanket statements about work they're viewing, I think the making (and selling) of ceramic objects would be a much happier activity :)

Anyway, good reading the responses here!