Friday, September 5, 2008


There's a little something I do that I think will be nice to share here on the blog. Everyday I take pictures both inside and outside. Especially now that I finally have a pocket camera, I can take it everywhere! I won't post everyday, we all know I'm not an avid blogger but I will start to share my sets quite often. The first set includes my one scoop bowls/dipping bowls, paired with my latest obsession, tree's. The bowls are super handy and I needed to snap a stack for my site, the trees I am looking at to draw for some new designs. I haven't done tree's in a while but they are just about to make a refreshed debut on some platters.

Since the weekend is upon us, and we're expecting rain!! Yes, finally rain!! It's like a desert in SE-PA right now. Here are a few things I like to do on rainy days.
  • look out the window
  • read a book or dive into a pile of magazines
  • draw
  • watch movies
  • take a walk - when it's only misty or drizzly
  • and this weekend, clean out my closet!

If you're in the Philadelphia area, go to Art Star on saturday evening for the opening of the Camilla Engman exhibition. I'm hoping to pop down to pick up a print!
Happy Weekend
xoxo, Linda


lisa {milkshake} said...

I'm also into trees at the moment!

Did you go to Art Star?

Little Flower Designs said...

hi lisa, no we didn't make it down. we had intentions to go but the day got crazy, i'm going down this week to check out the show and drop off work, i love camilla engman and can't miss her show!

i'll show you my in-process tree platters tomorrow, i'm so excited!

Chocolate and Steel said...

beautiful bowls! I'm so jealous that you got rain. I'd love a little here.