Friday, September 12, 2008


This has been a busy week of making, I hope everyone is ready for plates and platters because that is all I want to make right now. Here is a little window into my process - I etch all those lovely lines into the clay. Even the border!
I made it down to Art Star yesterday to drop off a batch of new work including platters, vases and one scoop bowls. Their new boutique is awesome, especially with the Camilla Engman show hanging there in all it's greatness. The original pieces I loved the most were sold so I ordered the amazing show print which Camilla is signing right now!
Other than the studio we've been goofing around a bit, watching movies on demand (21 good, smart people so-so and the bank job very good) and looking for a new house. I know that doesn't sound goofy but we're in the dreaming stage and would like to upgrade from our wee cottage to a beautiful gentleman's farm in New Hope, PA! While we do live in a top 100 community according to Money Magazine, #21 to be exact, we want a huge yard and a less neighborhoody area to call our own. I also need to be near a park or somewhere to go on nice walks. But most importantly, I want out of the basement. While I do have a lovely space, I want lots of windows and a nice view. Ahh to dream!
Have a happy weekend!

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