Monday, June 16, 2008

show high

good monday internet!
I am reporting in about the Art for the Cash Poor show over the weekend. First, I love shows like this and if you are a show organizer, my vendor feedback is to do more shows like this one!! First, Inliquid hosted and promoted the show very well, they recruited an amazing selection of artists and crafters, provided us all with a nice place to have a show, included a table to display our wares and put on a fun to be at event (music, food and drinks!) Hugs to Inliquid!! Thank you to everyone that came out for show and to those that took home some little flower goodies. My usually heavy bins were quite light going home and for that I am so very grateful.
Next up is the Pile of Craft show in Baltimore - this saturday, so I have to get my butt and the rest of me in the studio to glaze like crazy today so I have platters, cups and bowls for all of you!
Have a lovely week, I'll try to pop in later to share the loot I took home from the weekend show, I made out like a bandit!!
xoxo, Linda
(ps - sorry for the blurry picture, all my table pics were slightly blurred from nervous show energy!)

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