Friday, June 20, 2008

immersed in craft

First, a very important invitation! Come on out for Pile of Craft - it's a very fun crafty event put on by one of the best craft mafia's around! The Charm City Craft Mafia, of course!

I've been immersed in art and craft this month, the light blog posting is due to my crazy studio schedule - which I love and live for!! I am trying to make some time to enjoy other things like the great outdoors, movies, music and people. Although, there is something very lovely about being in the studio and doing all these shows that makes me feel validated as an artist and business lady. Ahh! and WooHoo!
In keeping with this post's title, I wanted to share my loot from the Art for the Cash Poor show.

Adding to my OPP (other potter's pots) collection, a pretty little flower frog by Michelle Miller and a scalloped bowl by Naomi Cleary.

A wonderful print in metallic ink by Stephanie Harvey. Titled "i don't get enough sleep"

And 2 prints by brainstorm

I have my eye on a few crafters at this weekends show and if I do a bit of shopping I'll be sure to share - remember to come on out, it's worth the drive and taking the train is seriously easy and fun! Hope to see you this weekend, be sure to say hello!
xoxo, Linda

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