Wednesday, April 9, 2008

museum day

Yesterday I headed into Philly to meet up with my cousin to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the art museum. Having admired her work since my college days, I knew it would be amazing to see her works in person. The exhibit was designed beautifully, in a series of rooms painted in warm colors, quite cozy and intimate. This was the perfect atmosphere as there were a ton of Frida's personal photos featured throughout. If you are an artist in the Philadelphia area, I suggest you get yourself to the museum before the show closes on May 18th. I found the entire exhibit to be inspiring and motivating - it's good to get out and see work, but to see the work of someone who had so many personal challenges really reminded me to appreciate living a creative life. Her work also inspired me to start sketching a few of the "art" pieces I've been thinking about. There's a fine artist in me somewhere!

After the museum we headed over to the "neighborhood" (the neighborhood across from the museum that I used to live in many moons ago) to eat, and in passing I snapped a picture of the bulldog(pictured above) in the dog park, just because! The other picture is of the encaustic painting my cousin did for me, we had planned a little art swap! All and all, a very inspiring art day with the very first artist I knew - my cousin Kimmy! Now I'm off to make some inspired art! Happy day to all of you! Linda

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