Monday, March 3, 2008


Wow! March already!! Since I spent most of last month sick I feel like I didn't get a February. I'm doing much better now but, can you believe this dang flu is still hanging on? It's more like an annoying itch on my throat with bouts of crazy coughing but, I'm back to work which feels sooooo good!!!

This week look for a sneak peek at my new dinner ware! And a peek at my special project. The wares are cooling in the kiln right now and as long as the firing went well, I'll have a table full of newness to share and hopefully a nice website update, which I know, I know, is long overdue!

A note! To anyone I owe an e-mail to or an order, I am getting to everything this week, special orders are in the kiln and some had to be re-made after a pre-flu bad firing (drippy glazes - ugh) I will follow-up with an individual e-mail but wanted to say something here because I know a bunch of you read the blog and I'm slowly weeding thru e-mails. Thank you all for being so patient with me and my sick self.

Happy feels like spring day!!! xoxo, Linda

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