Friday, January 25, 2008

quiet pep talk

  • it is a slow process
  • it is not for the impatient
  • it is a mysterious medium
  • it takes practice
  • then more practice
  • and testing
  • things will go wrong
  • things will go right
  • there is nothing else like it in the world
  • and it can last forever

me on me and pottery


Kbg said...

And, your work is so beautiful when it is finished! Go, Linda! (I love pep talks.)

These One Scoop Birdie Bowls are great for portion control! I'll be watching the mail for my order of the One Toss Birdie Salad Plates! Thanks again.


ileana said...

Indeed! That's a great pep talk.


you go girl.
go team go!

lisa {milkshake} said...

Kayte is right - your work is beautiful when finished. My cookie pot is my favorite thing in the kitchen :)

Little Flower Designs said...

thanks ladies! i'm struggling a bit in the studio and needed to remind myself. xoxo, linda