Friday, January 18, 2008

diving in

Happy Friday! It's amazing how quickly this week went by. Admittedly I've been under the weather and slowly getting things done in the studio. I am finishing up orders from the past few weeks and hope they will be in the mail on Tuesday morning. I have a big batch of one scoop birdy bowls in the mix which seem to be holding up a few orders. (I'm mentioning this in case you are waiting.) It's been warm and cold and raining and snowing here which just wears on me. I think I need a more consistant climate! Since I am not ready to reveal my new work quite yet and it will take a few more weeks, I need to find a focus for this blog! So here are a few "good things" from this week!
  1. my new slab roller arrived - which rocks!
  2. I had a terrific response from the dinnerware question - thankyou to everyone that e-mailed I'm working on replies!
  3. a new design was finalized, and I'm obsessed with it!

Have a terrific weekend!

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