Saturday, December 15, 2007

This bird soars!

Saturday! ahhh, Steve is home to split puppy duty so I can stay focused. It's funny how much time she needs. Right now she's asleep but earlier she was barking at me while I was glazing, then she had to sit in my lap and try to stand on my head, now that's not so bad if I'm on the computer but, um, custom orders abound so no puppy non-sense today! My sweet girl can be quite the crazy out of her mind pup sometimes, don't tell her but I think it's so funny, I'm trying to teach her to be calm when I say "manners" sometimes it works - she does respond to "make good puppy decisions" She actually stop and thinks! See, you can reason with a puppy, ok she's one now but I'm going to let her be a pup while she still has all that energy.
I wanted to share the new picture of the Soaring Swallow tea ware. I tweaked the pattern awhile ago and now here it is in all it's internet glory! I'm quite pleased with it and love the little tree on the lid. It's a new direction for me, an extra finishing touch. I have 2 of them available, just in case you need a last minute handmade gift for your favorite tea lover. And my specials are still going on! Have a happy saturday, we're finally bringing our tree in today!!! I'm so excited, I have ornaments to share by other makers!

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