Monday, November 5, 2007

sneak peek

What a beautiful day, Marley (the pup) and I went for a long walk this morning, what a refreshing way to jump start a monday. I got up early and I'm well into a really productive workday and it's not even 9am!!
Ok, so I did it, I created the Just Friends ornament - it will be on my site later this week, I'm waiting on my packaging supplies before I post this sweetie - and 2 additional designs that are sure to make any tree happy!
Studio & Biz News! I hit the panic button the other day, the holidays are here and I have so many this and that's to do and so much to make that I really need to stay focused. This is a good panic! I almost have the entire site re-stocked, including tea pots!! And the last batch came out especially good! I'll do a site sweep later this week to post what is ready to ship. And holiday shipping times. So, if you were thinking of ordering a teapot, now is a great time to get your order in : )
Have a great monday and a great week!