Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The sun is slowly returning to our shady little home, thank you fall! To freshen up I bought a bunch of succulents. I've been seeing them around on the nets and felt inspired, we need some new life in the house and this is just perfect. Now, to make the perfect little pots to put them in.(we have more, but this one is my favorite) I dug out my old "studio" glazes and thought I would re-discover them and hopefully reinvent them on some newly styled cache pots. I'm excited to change things up.

I've been organizing the studio, office and house, it's funny that each time I get a little more organized I declare I am done, then sure enough I find a new level of organization to aspire to. I'm 99% sure the office will be done today, I have a new computer that has been a wonderful dream and a nightmare all wrapped up in its pretty high-tech self. But I think I now have it set-up and will try to make it my main computer later today. I'm mentioning this in case things go haywire and I disappear for a bit!

Have a beautiful day, and keep California in your thoughts.

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Julie said... your succulent! Am looking to put some in tea cups and use as gifts! Gotta get out the drill to put a hole in bottom first. I love California...wish I lived there...sad, so sad with the fires problem recently...I pray for the people there. I am in south florida, but wish I were in Cali. My dream place to live.