Thursday, October 4, 2007

Drying Out

Here's a peek at some new vases drying out on the patio. It's been too humid the past week and things are going so slow that work is really backing up to get fired. Pictured are a few pageant, some of the new black birds, the pinwheel flower and that orange one is something really new, a goldfish. To keep things fresh I am trying to do a few" just for fun" pots in each firing so this week its all about goldfish and I love it. I have been drawing goldfish for months and doing little watercolors and finally they are making their way onto my pots. If all goes well in the firing I will have some goldfish themed items at the show on sunday. What makes this goldfish special is that he was my goldfish, I used to keep goldfish and have been drawing from pictures. They were so friendly and fun to watch and this one was my favorite because he liked to be pet. And on a funny goldfish note, Steve's grandmother had a goldfish that she'd pick up out of the bowl each morning and give a kiss - he said that fish lived a long happy life!

Music can be such an intense inspirtation, whenever I hear a song I like that mentions birds(there are tons from the beatles to nelly furtado) I smile. I am wondering if there are any goldfish songs? I'd like to come up with a nice name for the new pots and have a musical reference since they are swimming and have good chiaroscuro.

Have a great thursday, I'm going to take a few hours right now to fool around then its back to work for me!

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