Sunday, September 30, 2007

thank you!

Thank you to everyone that placed an order this week. I just took down the sale and I'm so happy to say that it was a great success!

This week I am gearing up for a very nice show in Chestnut Hill - this will be my last outdoor show requiring a tent until next summer - ahhh!!

Here's a preview of some new vases I'll have for sale. They are part of a new collection of wee vases I will be selling for the holiday season. They are quite small and quite lovely, if I do say so myself! They are all under 4 inches high. I hope you like them.
All orders will be shipped tomorrow (monday) Happy October 1st!


lisa {milkshake} said...

Me, Jimmy and Malayna are coming to the show on Sunday. Where will your booth be?

The new vases are pretty!

(I did my last outdoor show for the season this past weekend and I am so glad to put that tent away!)

Little Flower Designs said...

Great! and Thank you!
My booth will be on the opposite end of Germantown Ave from Borders.
Hope you show went well : )