Monday, September 24, 2007

when the year begins

Happy Monday! Happy Autumn (at long last!!!) and most importantly Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!! and to my dear friend Jill : ) September is a beautful month! and maybe when my new year begins.

I had a funny conversation with my mom the other day, she can be quite the funny lady! She was talking about time and where she'll be in no time and threw in there that the year begins now! All of this was in reference to my parents moving from NV to the east coast next summer. But it made me think about when my year begins. So, my birthday was on friday, a new year for me, for sure. All the years in school sets it a few weeks earlier, a new school year. The real new year in January isn't so refreshing but it is a good time to reflect. My Little Flower year might start in November when I went full-time with it. May sometimes feels new with summer about to begin. This past year has been filled with many re-starts and reflection that I can't quite get 2007 started and its almost October. And crazy enough, I am looking forward to the real new year to make a fresh start. I hear that certain birthdays can wear harder on you and I haven't had one until I guess this one. 35 is kicking my butt! I think I need a few moments to reflect, look forward and then find my way back to the moment. Ahh! the life of an artist, I'm definitely feeling it today. I was warned that it can be an emotional roller coaster, but what a thrilling life it is to lead!

(the picture is of 3 wood ducks that my dad carved for me, on the bottom it sais "To Linda, Love Dad" I love that!)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Happy Birtday, Love you Dad