Thursday, September 27, 2007

Studio Thursday

New work! I finally have this pattern up in the shop! And it is officially a new LFD pattern!!! I am excited to add it to my collection.

I spent the morning taking pics, formatting and uploading, a bit of web site spiffing up with quite a bit more planned. So it isn't really a "studio" day but I will be sure to do a little carving and throwing this afternoon.

I am gearing up for a show on October 7th. It is another outdoor event, The Chestnut Hill Fall For The Arts Festival. Chestnut Hill is a section in Philadelphia with tons of great boutiques and restaurants. It is on the edge of the city limits and has a more of a town vibe than city. I will be brining along some new work, this new black bird design, as well as a few others that might not make it onto my site 'til after the show.

In the studio I am working on 3 new items, one being ornaments for the holidays and 2 others that I will reveal in a week or so! I am also trying out some new colors, the usual studio testing : ) And in other studio news I am playing with textiles. I have planned to expand into other mediums since I am a multi-media artist at heart, once I have something solid to share I will post pics - right now it is messy, seriously messy!

Happy Thursday!

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