Friday, September 14, 2007

glenside tomorrow!!

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is the Glenside Street Fair. This year the show is stepping it up and has promised the community a great show filled with great art and superb craft (ahem - me! haha!)! I really love one day shows that are close to home and if I can become more involved in my community its even better. If you are not familiar with Glenside, it is located in SE -PA just outside of Philadelphia. What I really love about this area is that there is quite a bit of art and support for the arts. We have 2 very nice art centers Abington and Cheltenham and are close to a few others in Philadelphia. Tyler School of Art(my almamater) and Arcadia University which has a good art program and a nice gallery space are also right here. We also have a very nice place to listen to music the Keswick Theater where we get some pretty big names (Willie Nelson & Aimee Mann) its a nice palce to live and if you're looking there is always something to do.

In preparation for this weekend which really started early this morning, I have a busy bizy weekend planned. I got up very early and did all my throwing, my to-do list is insane and I'm not quite sure how to get thru the next 36 hours. Somehow I have to squeeze in the following!

  • ship orders(thankfully they are ready to go!)
  • trim about 30 bowls and 10 vases
  • cast ornament molds
  • gym (its my day and I can't miss)
  • pack for the show tomorrow
  • wrap presents (see below)
  • attend a birthday party
  • load truck for saturday's show
  • Glenside Street Fair Saturday from 10-5 : ) please come if you're in the area
  • attend a bridal shower
  • and gosh, there's dog walking/playing
  • a million other this and that's for each event

Hopefully I'll be back on monday with a full accounting of what was done and I have a bin of sale items so if they don't sell at the show, I'll be posting them for super sale on my site : ) Happy Friday!!!

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