Tuesday, August 7, 2007

weekend update

I had a busy weekend and now I have a summer cold. Just me and David Letterman (he has a cold too!) Not sure how I got this one but I am going to push thru it...

I meant to update here a few days ago but I've been busy, busy and didn't want to get absorbed into the internet.

On saturday I went into Philly for the Buyer's Market Show or the Rosen Show, which ever you'd prefer! I had signed up for a wholesaling workshop and tour of the show. It was quite educational, Bruce Baker spoke about doing business as a crafter and gave lots of good tips, he is a very good speaker and well worth listening to. I went to see if I wanted to do this show - it is a show for galleries and boutiques to come place orders from crafters in person. People come from all over the country and maybe the world to do and shop this show. It is put together very well and the organizers seem to truly want to help the crafters build their businesses. I am lucky to be near Philly and have a show like this so close.

After the craft show I went to another show! Steve had entered his motorcycle into the local car & bike show. So I got home, picked up Miss Marley and we headed to town to check it out! This was Miss Mars-a-lotties first big outing. She had so much fun giving people hugs and kisses and saying hello to other dogs. Congrats to Marley for being such a good girl at such a crowded event. The big news is that Steve's bike took 2nd place, he even got a plaque - boy was he happy!! He's been working on the bike for about a month and entered it at the very last minute at the urging of the local bike shop owner. Congrats to my sweetie.

Studio: It's been crazy hot and humid here, which just isn't good for drying out clay. I am hoping to fire tonite so I can get my orders out by the end of the week. The tiles seem to be dry enough but the tea pots are taking a bit longer, so if you are waiting on one, they are made, I just can't rush it or they'll crack. And no one likes cracks!

Happy Steamy Tuesday - How many more weeks 'til fall??


lisa ~ milkshake crafts said...

Isn't Bruce Baker an awesome speaker? I went to the last show for that workshop - it was so informative. I got his CDs earlier this year and listen to them in the car on the way to shows.

Do you think you'll do the show in the future?

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Lisa, Yes Bruce is a good speaker, he really knows the whole sale biz - I'm not sure about the show yet, I went to help decide if its for me.