Friday, July 27, 2007

rain, rain, go away

Come rain, severe thunder showers, or shine I will be doing the Creative Collective Craft & Fine Arts Fair in the Headhouse Square shambles at 2nd and Pine St. in Philadelphia from 10am to 10pm saturday.

So, if you'd like to set out in the rain, be sure to come by!!! It is under a covering and can be quite nice and fun for a rainy summer day. It is located just off of South Street and is surrounded by so many things to do that you'll be happy to have a day or evening out to come meet me : ) and have a nice meal or see a band play, wander down to the river or take in a movie. Not to mention all the shopping that can be done! It's just a short walk for everything.

Hope to see you tomorrow! and for those still waiting on my site update, I will start to upload on sunday. And and and! I am firing right now and have more new designs in the kiln and a slightly new process to reveal next week!

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