Thursday, March 15, 2007

shadow craft and ivillage!

How did it get to be Thursday nite already? and 10:30pm and I haven't had dinner yet?
Crazy! The pictures above are from the show I did on Sunday at the ICA in Philly. The show was terrific and I had a great time, it was great to see my crafty pals and hang out with Steve all day : ) I've been on overdrive in the studio and somehow managed to fill my table. Most of the teacups came out of the kiln that morning and I even sneaked in a new item that hasn't made it onto my site yet - saucers!!! I am loving the saucers and will be making a ton of them for the summer shows. This also makes it official that I can now offer place settings. I am still busy in the studio and can see a crazy time approaching with the summer shows just around the corner. June is going to be my biggest craft show month ever.
I've been blessed this week with some terrific press. Today iVillage featured my work on thier Stuff We Love video by Siobhan Adcock. Siobhan is just the sweetest - be sure to listen! I also found out that my air date for "That's Clever" is April 20th - more on that later! I have one more biggie to share but will save that for its own post tomorrow : )
Happy Thursday Nite!

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