Monday, March 5, 2007


It was a very productive weekend, lots of plates and teapots were made. I will be carving all day today and hopefully glazing tonite. Not much to write about as it is work, work, work right now. Most of the work is for orders and then a bit to bring to the show on sunday. I am not sure if the dinner plates will be coming with me, it depends on how many are ready, most will be shipped out this week. But, I will have something new, saucers! Yes! a new item, there are bunches of them on the shelves drying right now. They are simple saucers to compliment the tea cups and are a good size for a small snack or a bread plate. And they make my collection officially a full set, dinner plate, saucer/sm plate, bowl, tea cup. Next will be serving wares, big bowls and maybe sugar bowls and creamers. Does anyone need a sugar bowl and creamer? Oh, and platters will be coming. Ceramics is a slow process and it will be quite sometime before you see some of this on my site.

My inspiration today is the pretty blue sky and my almost trained puppy! She needs a bit more refing but has come a long way from the hyper crazy girl that she was a few weeks ago. She is basically housetrained (hooray for Miss Marley) we just need to keep an eye out for her signals. And she's stopped stealing our slippers! and has been getting into less and less of our things. She is a happy girl to have her own toys and loves to pull them all out of her toy box and play! She also loves to play stick outside, but, its really her own game and we can just watch and cheer her on. We've taken up going for long walks which helps tire her out and is good for me, I'm pleased with my new walking partner and she's pretty good at keeping up and not to sniffy.

Dry hands, its been a hard winter in the studio, I've been throwing almost everyday and my hands look terrible. I finally found a terrific hand cream and wanted to share it with anyone that also has dry hands and for the potters reading. Try this! it is saving my poor hands and it smells nice too! Kind of like a massage or a yoga studio. Its seriously the best hand cream and I've tried soooo many.


amy h said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been using Aquaphor, which is OK, but not perfect. The clay does put the hands through the wringer -- and I only throw 6 hours a week!

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Amy!! I haven't tried Aquaphor- maybe I'll give that a go next : ) the hemp one seems to being the best but my hands are still getting beat-up. I'm going to try those moisturizing gloves too - I'll let you know how they do!