Monday, February 19, 2007

waiting for spring

This morning it is way too cold to work on the the patio carving bowls. Which is something I love to do. Our neighborhood is quiet during the day so I turn the radio on low and carve my heart out! I can't wait until spring. Marley is snuggling in her bed with a blanket and the heat blowing on her, she has no idea how wondeful our life will be once the weather warms up! I am pretty excited too! We are now becoming fast friends, I've been kindof quiet about our new pup because I've been battling the teething and her love of biting my nose! Its super cute but come on! One can only have their nose nipped so many times. Patience - its just a stage...

I am still working out my new designs and with that looking at flowers and other botanical images to inspire and include. I realized last nite that I have bits and pieces spread across a few sketchbooks and random bits of paper so this afternoon I will start to finalize my late spring offerings. I have quite a bit to sort through and hope to use all of it in some way. Maybe on one of a kind pieces : )

I'm off to throw, mix a bit of glaze, glaze pots and fire the kiln- then make a pot of tea and set to work designing. Oh and here will be puppy play time too! Can I do all this in one day?
happy presidents day!

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