Wednesday, February 23, 2011

much to do

Look at the beautiful job my sweetie did framing out the studio wall! I had to special order the insulation which I believe is made of wool so we had a slight delay. I'll fill you in on the insulation after we pick it up. I'm hoping I made a good choice.
I started with something positive because I'm pretty upset about the state of things with our house and my studio. I mentioned that the laundry is now in my space, well, another problem is pictured above. We haven't figured out how to deal with this just yet. It's quite a slope... We have a lot going on and really don't need another expense but, shimming everything from kilns, my wheel, tables and shelving just won't be realistic. If anyone has experience with this, I'd love some input. How did you deal with a sloped floor? We're going to get some quotes on having a new floor poured. Our other issue is why the laundry is in my space. Our septic system is filled with ground water. And the ground just won't dry out. We found out we're months from having a fancy new system installed and we're a good 1/2 mile from the nearest sewer, so close yet a zillion dollars and a lot of bureaucracy away. We're going to move forward with my studio conversion, new septic systems don't pay for themselves! Once we figure out the floor I can move, I am pretty much packed and more than ready to get back to work. Most of the summer show applications are up and I'd hate to miss show season. I do have a small collection of wares ready and a few bins of seconds and older pieces to sell. Not too bad ; )

Here's a picture of our new neighbors, I want to leave you with something positive! Taken from inside our house! There's a little red fox that runs around here too, he's my favorite to look for, but quite shy, I'm hoping to get his picture too.


dahlhaus said...

Lots of work, Linda!!
My studio floor was also slanted and my landlord actually created a false floor to level it off- basically used the same structure as framing a wall, but tapered it off accordingly. Then he put plywood all over it and peel & stick tile- since that was material he already had. It was a huge job- took him and another guy about 3 days to do- lots of tape measuring, cutting and a bit of swearing. The thing I like about it is that I'm not standing on cement all day.
Anyways, hang in there. It might seem like this is taking forever, but I'm sure in a few years having a home studio in such beautiful surroundings will be amazing!

Chandra said...

I hope everything works out for you!

By the way, it looks like that deer is pregnant.

amy h said...

One positive thing about a slanted floor (and I'm sure this is the reason it is slanted in the first place) is that it makes the floor so much easier to clean. Just squeegee out the garage door. But if you aren't keeping the garage doors, this doesn't help. :) Have you actually placed the tables and shelves in the space? You might not notice it as much for those things. Maybe just shim the wheel and possibly table? I have wall mounted shelving -- super strong and cheap if you don't already have a bunch of free-standing shelves. ALSO, some hardware stores have feet for things like shelves that are threaded -- like built-in shims! (Sorry for all the suggestions -- trying to stay positive, too!)

Little Flower Designs said...

Thanks for the suggestions, I like both ideas, getting off the concrete sounds great but she adjustable feet sound affordable and alot better then shims! Thank you both!

Chandra, thanks, I think you're right! I'll post pictures when I see the babies ; )

Dina Barnese said...

I'm interested in hearing more about your insulation. I just had the floor put into my new studio space and am working on installing windows and new doors. Then will come new siding and insulation, probably in late spring.

Hang in there! Renovation is always a challenge but so worth it in the end.

As for the floor, I was also going to suggest a false floor above the concrete, although adjustable feet DO sound more affordable and easier to install.

Emily Dyer said...

I am also a ceramic artist, mother to two little boys and my husband and I have been renovating a "distressed" home for the last two years. It feels overwhelming now with mess, disruption to studio time, $$$ worries and so many decisions to make, but when the work is done you will LOVE both your new home and your studio exactly because of all that work and agony that went into making it be what you want. There was definitely a point halfway through our major construction work that we both thought we had made a huge mistake taking on such a large project, but in the end it has been totally worth it (even though there are still projects left to tackle). Hang in there and good luck!

Little Flower Designs said...

Dina I will do a post, we're picking it up tonight but won't install it until this weekend.are you blogging about your studio?I'd love to follow along and see how you're doing it. I keep saying I want to keep it simple and then things like the floor come up!

Thanks Emily,we're only a few months into this with one little one getting into everything! I know you're right, and I'm so happy others are sharing their projects with me, and btw i really like your work, i just took a peek!