Monday, December 14, 2009

holiday, holiday, holiday

*** Just 5 cups left in my $25 tea cup sale***
Things will be winding down in the studio this week, I'm down to packing and shipping only. This is the last week to order items to ship in time for christmas, and my goal of clearing my shelves is going pretty darn good! I might sneak a few more things into my etsy shop but for the most part everything is listed and ready to ship the very next day!

Outside of my little flower world, we are slowly getting ready for the baby. She now has a crib (no mattress) and a dresser, her room is painted and her floor is shiny with a nice clean carpet. Now to sort through the pile of baby things and order the rest! We haven't gone overboard but wee people sure do need alot to get started. Once I close up the shop for the season I'll start on some mama made baby items. With so much going on, I'm wondering if I'm the only maker that hasn't done her holiday shopping or decorating? But priorities, right!

Remember just 5 tea cups left in the sale, and 4 ornaments!
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Tasha McKelvey said...

I only started shopping last weekend at Holiday Heap and at the show I had this past weekend - this is very, very late for me. No decorating done at all yet and I had so many great ideas for Holiday decorating back in the Summer :(

Little Flower Designs said...

Hey Tasha, I knew I couldn't be the only one. We're going to try to do a little decorating tonite but shopping, ugh!!! I'm online right now... Good luck getting everything done!