Monday, November 23, 2009

monday, gearing up for the holidays

Monday, and thanksgiving week, oh my! How did it get to be nearly the end of November? Can you tell I'm running in place these days? Well, it feels like that. I've been trying to do a huge shop update for the past week, all while trying to get the last HUGE batch of work, drawn, glazed and bisqued. I have a ton of one of a kind work as well as some favorite patterns in the makings and this will definitely be the LAST batch for 2009. So what am I making? Well, your favorite items of course! Tea cups, platters, vases and ornaments. The platters are taking their good old time drying out so the kiln is slowly being filled. I estimate I have about 6 firings to go before it is all done. For now though, my etsy shop is open and I am shipping quite quickly. In fact I've been up since 6am packing up orders to go out today. I am liking the new ready to ship format and just might stick to it for quite some time. While it is nice to have a stack of orders to make, it can make life a little stressful when things go wrong or run longer than estimated. So while my shelves are slowly being stocked, I am also preparing for Holiday Heap on December 5th, which is my only craft show this holiday season.
In baby news! We are painting her room this week and the crib should be here today!!!
'tis all for this monday morning...

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