Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have a few minutes or maybe even an hour before my mr. gets home to help me load the kiln. Today is the closest to in-sync we've been since I designated him to be the kiln shelf loader and unloader. I have managed to get the pots in with the help of my trusty step stool but I admit it's killing me to have stopping points. Usually I just work and work and work, and then keep working. The kiln is turned on as soon as it is full and if that happens to be 3am so be it! But now, I'm waiting and have to work in more of a predictable schedule for the loveliness above to be loaded by someone else. I know it's temporary but the holiday's are coming and being the responsible business owner that I am know some changes will need to be made. Also, did you know being pregnant makes you tired? Crazy right!? Yay, he's home, I'm off to load and turn on the kiln!!!! just 4 more firings to go!

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