Friday, October 23, 2009

sickly lady and catching up

I'm one sickly lady, but I think, and hope it will be over soon. A virus got me good. I'm hoping that next week I will be working again. Maybe I can rope my mr. into packing orders this weekend? We'll see. I would have hired someone to pack, ship and run errands but being contagious ruined that idea. So I'll work to get the orders out and that last load of overdue wares fired and out the door before the calendar sais November. If I missed anyone that is waiting on their wares when I e-mailed, please forgive me, I truly am sick and it was a daunting task.
With all this in mind, the holiday season should be interesting. I'll be streamlining my line and offering only ready to ship items. So if there is something on my site that you've been eyeing up for the holidays, please order it now. I will be sending out a note to my e-mail list to let everyone know. And with that a cut off date. I already stopped accepting orders from stores. And made to order for the holidays will soon come to an end. Also, please don't hate me, I will not be accepting custom orders. But on the upside, I do have a few new items to debut and a new medium!
Please stay well! It's going to be one tough winter with all the flu's, viruses and other germy problems. xo, Linda


Patricia Griffin said...

Hope you feel better. That virus has kicked the wheels out from under a lot of folks I know.

Little Flower Designs said...

thanks, it's quite a nasty virus. I hope everyone you know is recovering and that you stay well. Today is the first day I feel like I can try to work in the studio, I miss it so much!