Monday, August 31, 2009


Finally fall is in the air! I fired the kiln last night and feel grateful for the cooler temperatures today so I can cool down the studio and spend the afternoon making away. I made a giant to-do list last week, which includes stocking 5 stores, 1 very nice gallery show, the usual orders from my site and custom orders. I drew up a production schedule so that somehow I will have all of this completed by the end of September/ early October. Thank you all for the business! I guess that is why I've been a little silent on here. Growing a person and a business is alot of work, but I'm up for the challenge. I've been working less hours than I used to, and giving myself time to sleep. This might sound strange but I usually have one speed and that's go, so slowing down makes me feel lazy - but I'm enjoying it! Taking time to read everything I can about baby things, researching items for the wee one, who knew such a small person needed so many things! or do they? We decided to keep up the greening of our life by choosing eco-friendly items for the wee one. And we're whittling down what they will really need with the help from some mom's and dad's we know. My personal goal is to avoid giant plastic items, at least while we're choosing, I know I'll give in if the little person falls in love with a big plastic toy that looks like fun - but for now, we can do with out that. I guess I'm a little baby item obsessed right now so it's little flower/baby all day and all night! Oh, and family and friends too! Hope everyone is looking forward to fall as much as I am! xo, Linda


Anonymous said...

With a three year old, I now have a basement full of giant plastic things. Most of them we could have done without. She now entertains herself pulling them out of boxes while I load the kiln.
I would say a video monitor is the only thing I wish we had bought. I could still use that now actually.
Enjoy your extra sleep because once your little bundle arrives you will never feel lazy again.
It's worth every sleepless night.

lisa {milkshake} said...

Ditto on the video monitor! The one big plastic thing I'm glad we bought was an exersaucer. Malayna LOVED that thing. You could get second-hand items - that way you're sort of recycling. There's a good consignment shop by the WG mall called Share &
Care. The woman who runs it is very nice - you can even tell her what you're looking for and she'll keep an eye out for you.
Had a great time today!

Little Flower Designs said...

Thanks Karissa! We might go for the vidio monitor - which I thought we'd skip!

Lisa, thanks for all your tips, it was so nice to see you!! I'll check out the consignment store - I know we'll give in to plastic, I just want to keep it under control - wee house and all!

I'm loving all the momy tips, the mommy/maker tips, it's so inspiring!
xo, Linda

amy h said...

Congrats to you and your husband!

Yes, the exersaucer is giant and plastic, but it was so, so helpful with both my girls, and it's still in good shape for #3. I'm sure a used one would be in good shape, and you can't get much greener than reusing something!

We didn't do the video monitor -- just the sound. But I know it does give some of my friends peace of mind.