Friday, August 14, 2009

15 weeks 1 day

Hi, I've been a little silent on here but I have a very good excuse! My Mister and I have collaborated on a very special project, our first child! We are beyond excited as this is our first collaboration! I think all of our friends and family now know but if we somehow missed you, surprize! As you can imagine things will need to change a bit in my little flower world. Somethings already have. As I figure out how to run my dear little biz without running myself into the ground. And then to run it with a wee one, while being the best mommy I can be. I invite you to follow along! So here I am, 15 weeks 1 day!
Have a happy weekend!
xo, Linda


Patricia Griffin said...

Congratulations! That's a very big deal. I wish you much joy!

lillybugsmum said...

Congratulations! I left my regular job to begin potting full time 2 weeks before my baby arrived. You will be fine. There will be lots of late nights and long days but you will survive and be amazed that you made it. My little one is 3 now and I can't believe I managed my business and a nursing infant. I am so happy for you both.


Yay. This is huge. I was wondering if you would give it a go!!! Best wishes. Xoxo

Little Flower Designs said...

Thank you ladies!!!

Karissa, that is so great! I'm not sure how I'll make it all work yet but I will! I love knowing someone that went thru it! thanks!!!

Judi, I know! I'm going to try to blog along as I go - it will be quite the balancing act!

xoxo, Linda

Wendy said...

Congratulations. How exciting!

dahlhaus said...

So great to hear Linda! Congrats!! Yes things will change but you will be able to sort things out bit-by-bit! Give yourself lots of room to be the parent you want to be, to enjoy and savour each moment with your new little one! You can always make pots, but they grow up sooo fast (mine are 5 & 7 and it feels like yesterday!)
All the best, looking forward to hearing more!

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shoshonasnow said...

oh my goodness!!! how did i miss this???!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Little Flower Designs said...

Thank you!!!
the encouragement means so much, i just got my studio groove back so look out for some interesting posts! Best to all, xo, Linda

pjsmimi said...

You have a "little 'bud' design" all of your own! You will be a wonderful mom. Even without personally knowing you, your kindness and caring nature shines through ! Congratulations to both you and your "Mr".
BTW-love "your" cup.