Friday, July 24, 2009

locked in the studio

The summer has been a busy one filled with shows and orders. Thank you to everyone that keeps my little biz going. I finished my last retail show which went by quite easily and nicely. It was Artscape in Baltimore. Aside from selling I am most amazed by the number of people who signed up for my e-mail list. Everytime I looked at the page it was full! It was a record setting boost to my list! I've been back all week, unpacking, organizing and making wares. I need to re-stock everything. But first, I am making samples for another show, I will be at the Buyer's Market of American Craft in Philadelphia next weekend. This will be my first show of this kind and I'm locking myself in the studio from now until I am ready to go. After the show I will restock my site - I already have it penciled in! For now, wish me luck! My samples are drying out and it's crazay humid out, so we'll see how this goes. Have a terrific weekend! Linda

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