Monday, July 6, 2009

Artscape countdown!

Panic! Artscape is coming up so quick! Just 10 days to finish getting ready and pack up the studio again. Yikes! I do have quite a bit of work ready and I'm sure I will be fine with just that but if it's not made I can't sell it or show it so I'd better use my time wisely. Today should be my cut off day for starting new work. My strategy is to finish what I have started and only throw enough today to fill one kiln load. I've been working on tall vases, which was quite the dramatic challenge the other week. I just couldn't get the height I wanted - so I watched a few youtube demo's and got it! It's hard to be alone in the studio when a technical challenge pops up. And books just don't compare to seeing someone else do what you can not. So I googled "throwing tall pots" and found this, an 8 minute pot! Ok, I'm more like a 20 minute tall vase, but that's better than the hour long mess I was making! Followed by self doubt and second guessing my career path. I had to conquer this challenge, how can I be a professional potter if I can't throw? Well, throw tall, throw anything I can imagine, right? So, tall pots are now my reality. When I got it, it was like a stream of light came down from heaven and the gospel choir sang! Finally.
Have a great monday!
xoxo, Linda

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Tanya said...

Your work is lovely! I just found out about you on Ysolda's blog. Think of doing a Jane Austen one!!! Please...