Friday, May 8, 2009

saturday show!

Good friday to ya! I am packing up again to head back to Baltimore for Squidfire's Spring Art Mart on Mt. Vernon Square. This will be a fun show, with some of my favorite makers. It is outside so bring an umbrella just in case! Check out the show page for directions and links to the wonderful makers sites. This will be my last trip down to Baltimore for a few months, so please come out to say hello and check out my new wares in person.
On sunday, remember to send your mom some love, it's Mother's Day! Have a Happy Weekend, xoxo, Linda


Ecoleeko said...

Yeah! Have Fun Linda!(:

handmade romance said...

Hi! I love you work the illustrations are lovely. I came across your ad on the side bar at Design For Mankind. Will you be putting anything in your etsy store anytime soon???
Oh and all the best for the show hope it goes better than the last one.

handmade romance said...

Apologies for the above!! A bit ahead of myself. I just read your description properly. I will pop back soon x

Little Flower Designs said...

Thanks Sue - It was a fun show : )

handmade romance - check my etsy shop, i listed a bunch of items and will be all day today! thanks for the nice words!!!!